is a website devoted to the mathematical analysis of gambling games.

This is a joint project of experts in mathematics and amateurs in the field of gambling. It features answers to questions about casino dice, roulette, slot machines, blackjack, poker games, etc.

Our goal is to study the mathematical model of gambling. We investigate all possible probabilities of a particular outcome in a game.

Also, our experts develop various algorithms to test them in different casinos, both land and websites.

Proffesors Math

With our site, we want to enable the same lovers as we know the world of gambling with a different, scientific point of view that randomness in casino games is not accidental.

The information we give you is divided into two sections. The first to explain in simple manner the working of slot machines and other gambling games, the scenarios exploited by the casinos, their weaknesses and strengths. The second part will be to offer advice when there are casino games show mathematical knowledge when playing, strategies, algorithms. For example, you can use the right strategy to overcome the house edge.

We have more than 30 experts in our team, and this number is constantly increasing. So if you are interested in mathematical formulas and calculations or an experienced gambler, we are waiting for you to join our team.