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“Courage is better than a faint heart for any man who sticks his nose out of doors. The length of my life and the day of my death were fated long ago.”
Norse saying, quoted from The Norse Myths — Gods of the Vikings, by Kevin Crossley-Holland.“The ‘New World Order’ is really a very old world order — that of the Babylonian empire — the emperor decrees and the people Obey”.”What is money? — money represents power over someone else’s labour. When a central bank prints billions in a ‘bailout’, they are giving themselves power over the lives of billions of people”.”Political correctness means to prefer convenient lies to truth. It comes from the same place as bolshevism. Freedom and Justice cannot endure when untruth is valued more highly than truth.”George Orwell: “If freedom means anything at all, it means the right to tell people things they don’t want to hear.”William Kocay is a member of St. Paul’s College at the University of Manitoba, and a senior scholar of the Computer Science Department.Mailing address:William KocayComputer Science DepartmentUniversity of ManitobaWinnipeg, ManitobaCANADA, R3T 2N2 or St. Paul’s CollegeUniversity of ManitobaWinnipeg, ManitobaCANADA, R3T 2N2e-mail:bkocay at cs.umanitoba.catelephone:(204) 474-6792Bill Kocay is the author of Groups & Graphs, a software package for graphs, digraphs, combinatorial designs, projective configurations, polyhedra, graph embeddings in the torus, projective plane, Klein bottle, and for finding automorphism groups. It also constructs fractals. Click for information on downloading Groups & Graphs.Bill Kocay is a co-author, with Don Kreher, of the textbook Graphs, Algorithms, and Optimization, Chapman & Hall/CRC Press, Boca Raton, 2005. It is a suitable text for a course at the second, third, or fourth year level in graph theory, graph algorithms, or linear optimization. It is available from the publisher, or from amazon.com and other retailers. The second edition is now available (2016).Bill Kocay is the Editor-in-Chief of Ars Combinatoria, a Canadian journal of combinatorial mathematics. Click for information on submitting papers to Ars Combinatoria and for tables of contents of recent volumes.Bill Kocay is a founding fellow of the Institute of Combinatorics and its Application.Bill Kocay is a founding member of the Manitoba Be Users Group.Research interests include algorithms for graphs, the development of mathematical softwarethe graph reconstruction problem, the graph isomorphism problem, projective geometry, hamiltonian cycles, planarity, graph embedding algorithms, graphs on surfaces, combinatorial designs, etc.Click for info on Software Projects done by some of my students. Currently there are four projects available.Surface Geometry of the Pseudosphere, by Andrea MantlerBlack Hole Simulation, by Ryan SzypowskiMinkowski Geometry — a simulation of special relativity, by Andrea MantlerPeriodic Solutions to the n-Body Problem, an M.Sc. thesis by Jol Dyck 
Visit Bill Kocay’s River Running Pages for maps, photos, and information on Manitoba rivers.
(Includes MRCA archival material.) 
The Red River Floodway — How It Works, a storybook in pictures. 
Some notes on Three Spiritual Teachers of the Twentieth Century, for those who might be curious about my personal interests.  
Personal Interests 
Recommended Reading“The East in the Light of the West, Parts One to Three”, by Sergei Prokofieff. Theosophy, Madame Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Krishnamurthy, Helena and Nicholas Roerich, Agni Yoga, Communism, Alice Bailey, Kut Humi, Djwahl Khul — Prokofieff analyses the sources of inspiration of these people, and the origins of their movements, on the basis of Rudolf Steiner’s teachings. Very enlightening for anyone who wants to make sense of the “New Age” movements.“Alexander the God”, by Maurice Druon (translated from the French, “Alexandre le Grand”). A masterpiece by Druon ! He brings the time of Alexander to life. The reader feels like a close friend of Alexander. Alexander grew up in Macedonia, the son of King Philip. Except for Macedonia and Greece, the entire civilized world was subject to the despotic empire of the East. When Philip was assassinated, Alexander was about 20. Taking 35,000 Macedonian soldiers, he crossed the Hellespont to engage the mighty Persian empire. In the next 10 years he conquered the entire empire, from Egypt to northern India. Everywhere he went, he established cities and schools of Greek culture.“Kill Zone — A Sniper Looks at Dealey Plaza”, by Craig Roberts. Ever wonder who was behind the JFK assassination? Read Craig Roberts “Kill Zone”. Roberts was a sniper in Vietnam. When he visited the JFK assassination site, and looked out the window of the warehouse from which Oswald is supposed to have shot, he knew instantly that the official story was a physical impossibility. No sniper could have made those shots. This started him on an investigation for the truth.“Economics in One Lesson”, by Henry Hazlitt. brilliant exposition of economics, all in crystal clear English, not one equation ! If Hazlitt were still here today, he would see right through the banks “too-big-to-fail”, and the “bail-outs”, and the constant printing of new billion$$$. “The interest rate can, indeed, be kept artificially low only by continuous new injections of currency or bank credit in place of real savings. This can create the illusion of more capital, but it is a policy of continuous inflation, involving cumulative danger. A crisis will develop if the inflation is reversed, or merely brought to a halt, or even continued at a diminished rate. Cheap money policies, in short, eventually bring about far more violent oscillations in business than those they are designed to remedy or prevent.” Can be dowloaded from www.hacer.org.“The Mission of Joan of Arc”, by Joan Edmunds. The inspiring and heart-rending story of the Maid of Orleans, the 19 year old girl who saved France from the English invasion. Based on the transcripts of her trial and of her rehabilitation proceedings.“America’s Financial Apocalypse”, by Mike Stathis. Published in 2006. Stathis is the only financial analyst to correctly foresee the mortgage crisis and financial collapse of 2008. This book contains penetrating insights into the current state of the US economy and where it’s headed. Read about the dollar-oil link, the looming health-care and pension crisis, the disaster of “free-trade”. Mike Stathis is the managing principal of Apex Venture Advisors.“The Black Arrow”, by Robert Louis Stevenson. A great adventure story, set in the days of the Wars of the Roses. Probably Stevenson’s best.“The Norse Myths — Gods of the Vikings”, by Kevin Crossley-Holland. A retelling of the Norse myths in modern English. The adventures of the Norse Gods. Great stories about Odin, Thor, Loki, and all the others.“The Facts of Life — Shattering the Myth of Darwinism”, by Richard Milton. Heresy of heresies — someone who opposes the Darwinian model of evolution on scientific grounds. Milton is a non-creationist who finds Darwinism completely inadequate to explain evolution. The facts of life are that “Nature does not work by trial and error”. The non-existence of transitional types shows that “Nature goes unerringly to her target”. Darwinism is a theory that is too small to fit the facts. A very thought-provoking, well researched book.Websites of InterestPaul Craig Robert’s Institute for Political Economy. Brilliant articles on the ongoing world crisis. A Must-Read ! Roberts is the former Secretary of the Treasury of the Reagan administration.Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop — Instructional fingerpicking guitar videos, hard to find DVD’s and CD’s of great fingerpicking guitarists — blues, celtic, jazz, etc.The Haiku Operating System The BeOS has returned — Haiku is a new open-source operating system specifically for personal computing. Inspired by the BeOS, Haiku is multi-threaded, fast and powerful, intuitive, unix-based, designed for parallel architectures.Prism-Break Opt out of NSA surveillance, or at least try to !Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief. Great articles on the major events happening in the world. A guide for the perplexed.William Engdahl In depth analysis of world economics, power-politics, oil, and the financial tsunami. Penetrating insight into where the world is going, cutting through the propaganda. See also his geopolitics website.www.GlobalResearch.ca — World News — Research into Globalization — What the official media will not tell.
Mark Twain: “A man who doesn’t read the newspaper is uninformed. A man who does read the newspaper is misinformed”. Global Research fills that gap.David McGowan’s Center for an Informed America Witty, irreverant articles on some holy cows of our age. Did NASA really land men on the moon? Read his Moondoggie series and make up your mind based on the evidence. Anyone who was a teen in the 60’s or 70’s will love his series on Laurel Canyon, the origin of the hippy movement and hippy music scene. McGowan takes us behind the scenes.