Journal of
Combinatorial Mathematics and
Combinatorial Computing
Volume 75, November, 2010

  • Zehui Shao, Linqiang Pan and Jin Xu, “Ramsey Multiplicities of Graphs with Five Vertices”, pp. 3-9
  • Stephan Wagner, “Counting all parity realizable trees”, pp. 11-32
  • L. Benedict Michaelraj, S.K. Ayyaswamy and S. Arumugam, “Chromatic Transversal Domination in Graphs”, pp. 33-40
  • Thomas McCourt, “The intersection problem for disjoint 2-flowers in Steiner triple systems”, pp. 41-63
  • S. Benecke and C.M. Mynhardt, “A domination algorithm for generalized Cartesian products”, pp. 65-84
  • Pawel Pralat, “A Note On The One-Colour Avoidance Game On Graphs”, pp. 85-94
  • M.A. Seoud and M.A. Salim, “Two Upper Bounds of Prime Cordial Graphs”, pp. 95-103
  • Ilias S. Kotsireas, Christos Koukouvinos and Dimitris E. Simos, “Inequivalent Hadamard matrices from near normal sequences”, pp. 105-115
  • Carmen Ortiz and M�nica Villanueva, “Threshold Dimension of Split-permutation Graphs”, pp. 117-127
  • Dan McQuillan, “A technique for constructing magic labelings of 2-regular graphs”, pp. 129-135
  • J.P. Georges, D.W. Mauro and Yan Wang, “On the Structures of V4-magic and Z4-magic Graphs”, pp. 137-152
  • Vesa Linja-aho and Patric R.J. �sterg�rd, “Classification of Starters”, pp. 153-159
  • A.D. Forbes, T.S. Griggs and F.C. Holroyd, “Rhombicuboctahedron Designs”, pp. 161-165
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  • Matthias B�hm, “(m-1)-Regular Antichains on [m]”, pp. 201-207
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