Utilitas Mathematica
An International Journal of Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics
ISSN number: 03153681
Editor-in-Chief:S. Finbow (Antigonish, Canada)
Former Editor-in-chief:H.C. Swart (Cape Town, South Africa)
Managing Editor:
      All TopicsS. Finbow (Antigonish, Canada)
Editorial Board
E.J. Billington
Queensland, Australia
Rick Brewster
Thompson Rivers University
Nancy Clarke
Acadia University
D.D. Cowan
Waterloo, Ontario
P. Dankelmann
Durban, South Africa
R.C. Entringer
Albuquerque, New Mexico
D.A.S. Fraser
Toronto, Ontario
W. Goddard
Clemson, South Carolina
Karen Gunderson
University of Manitoba
M.A. Henning
Auckland Park, South Africa
A.M. Herzberg
Kingston, Ontario
S. Kageyama
Hiroshima, Japan
Bill Kinnersly
University of Rhode Island
R.C. Mullin
Waterloo, Ontario
C.M. Mynhardt
Victoria, British Columbia
O.R. Oellermann
Winnipeg, Manitoba
David Pike
Memorial University of Newfoundland
A. Plante
Montreal, Quebec
M.D. Plummer
Nashville, Tennessee
D. Raghavarao
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
C.R. Rao
Hyderabad, India
S.S. Shrikhande
Mount Pleasant, Michigan
 H.C. Williams
Calgary, Alberta
Utilitas Mathematica publishes papers in all areas of statistical designs and combinatorial mathematics, including graph theory, design theory, extremal combinatorics, enumeration, algebraic combinatorics, combinatorial optimization, Ramsey theory, automorphism groups, coding theory, finite geometries, chemical graph theory, etc., as well as the closely related area of number-theoretic polynomials for enumeration.
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Submissions must be sent in .pdf to:
      Stephen Finbow ([email protected]) [Graph Theory]
Aug 26, 2019: Due to the recent resignation of our Production Manager, there is currently a disruption in handling existing papers. All submissions and queries should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief.
Open Access Policy, Arxiv: Two years after the date of publication, a paper may be posted in a repository, or personal web site. Papers that are posted to Arxiv may be submitted to Utilitas Mathematica. However, once a paper has received acceptance, either conditional or final, no updates may be posted to Arxiv.
The cost for a subscription to Utilitas Mathematica for 2020 is US$345 for US customers; US$355 for international customers; and US$335.00 plus GST for Canadian customers. This is for four volumes: 114 (March), 115 (June), 116 (September), and 117 (November). For more information, please contact the Production Office ([email protected]).
Priority Publication Page Charges
Our policy of voluntary page charges operates as follows. If you do pay page charges, your paper will receive priority publication. It will go into the priority queue and will appear in the next available issue of the journal.This policy will not cause any delay for papers already in the queue, since all priority publication articles will result in additional pages in the journal. For example, if there are 64 pages of priority-paid articles for an issue, that issue will contain the regular number of pages, plus an additional 64 pages. In this way we shall be able to publish larger volumes of the journal. Authors who are not able to pay page charges will also benefit considerably, since the priority articles will be removed from the queue and thus the queue will be shortened.
The US Postal Service has recently increased its charges a great deal. Effective January 1, 2019 the priority page charge will be US$80.00 per page if paying by cheque; US$85.00 per page if paying by VISA or bank transfer.

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